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Oracle Database & Technology Infrastructure

To operate at peak efficiency or gain competitive advantage, your organization must be able to rapidly respond to sudden business changes or market opportunities.

Oracle infrastructure is a key component of a flexible, responsive IT strategy that helps you successfully meet your business goals. Yet, maintaining and enhancing Oracle infrastructure can be a challenge.

Because infrastructure needs can be very specific, you may find you need additional help to maximize the performance and flexibility of your IT systems. Whether for a project or short-term technical support, supplementing skills from an outside technology partner can be an ideal solution, but only if that partner has the expertise and experience to efficiently resolve your specific issues.

All too frequently, outside resources don't have the breadth of experience necessary to resolve Oracle infrastructure challenges. You need reliable, expert help from a partner you can trust. With an average of 10 years of Oracle experience each, OraSolve consultants have collectively seen it all and are prepared to address a variety of infrastructure challenges - even anticipating problems before they arise.

OraSolve Oracle Infrastructure Services offers a wide variety of approaches to help you improve, maintain, and optimize your Oracle infrastructure. Whether you have out-of-date hardware, disaster recovery needs, or storage cost problems, we'll help you identify potential problems and determine and reach your infrastructure goals.

OraSolve provides skilled and seasoned technical resources who offer comprehensive, anticipatory thinking. They can communicate and consult with both your business and technical personnel.

OraSolve is the partner who can meet your infrastructure's operational challenges. Our deep familiarity with Oracle technology leads to more effective solutions and prevents re-work. Our services cover these key areas:

• Architecture and Design - focuses on new needs for the business and tying together the silos that exist within a corporate infrastructure.
• Strategic Infrastructure Planning - provides a roadmap to future goals that makes processes easier and reduces costs.
• High Availability and Scalability Solutions - optimizes a cross-company team of internal staff and OraSolve's Oracle experts to support all aspects of the migration, including databases, tools, and middle-tier.
• 10g - 11g Upgrade Services - ensure your upgrade is seamless, no matter how simple or complex - through a holistic approach to Oracle upgrades that takes into account your unique business needs to take advantage of the latest 10g or 11g features.
• Center of Excellence Services Establishes processes that guide an IT organization around pitfalls, while mentoring in-house staff to ensure long-term productivity gains and self-reliance.
• Health Check: Focuses on the issues your organization is facing today and shapes an action plan for identified databases or systems.

OraSolve Oracle DBA and Database Services provides on-site, expert DBA resources to help you with your tactical Oracle database needs.

OraSolve is an excellent alternative to hiring full-time personnel or engaging in-house staff in a new project. OraSolve provides fully supported expert resources who are able to communicate and consult with both your business and technical personnel. We cover a wide range of possible needs and always strive for quick resolution of your specific problem.

Our knowledge-sharing approach ensures you receive not just the skills and help you need, but also the support of the entire OraSolve organization. Our resources blend in with your IT team and work together with them seamlessly.

OraSolve Oracle DBA and Database Services provides you with senior, skilled, and seasoned technical resources with extensive DBA and OS skills. Our experts share knowledge across OraSolve, allowing us to ensure prompt resolution to a wide variety of problems. A partial list of services includes:

- Health check
- Performance tuning
- Disaster recovery
- Backup recovery
- Instance upgrade
- Platform migration
- Implementation of new features
- Technology roadmap
- Tools and technical assistance
- Analysis and data discovery
- Cluster solutions
- Data replication
- Storage assessment
- Oracle virtual machines
- Security assessments
- Security changes