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OraSolve Consulting is proud to offer a Colocation solution for the small cap market. Furthering our commitment to the Oracle User community, We are the only Colocation / Hosting provider targeting the small to mid-cap market. With Service offerings to rival the largest enterprise provider, we give the small enterprise user all of the benefits of an enterprise class data-center, Without the overhead. With Orasolve’s managed hosting, the client enterprise can be protected via online , nearline, and offsite backup. We offer complete Business Continuity solutions, at affordable costs. Our offerings rang from simple hosting solutions, to full fledge enterprise management, with Application management included.
OraSolve Consulting offers both a colocation, and managed colocation service. We pride ourselves on our top of the line consultants and DBA’s. Our staff can design a solution specific to your enterprise, with special attention to your business needs. Our solution’s include VPN Clouds from your office to our data-center, with a maximum throughput of 2M. All traffic within the data-center is over the individual client’s Virtual Sub-net. No other client sees your network traffic.
All of Solutions include the following:
Redundant power & network connections.
Two ports per server in a network switch.
Tape Drive access for backups.
Secure VPN cloud for remote access from client laptops and Offsite workstations.
The option of offsite storage via remote access. or via courier.
Our Managed Services offerings can be tailored to the individual needs of each client. From assistance with individual Applicaitons, to complete management of the Oracle environment. We offer assistence ranging from assistance, to management of the enterprise.
Included options with our managed services offering :
Complete automation of all hot and cold backups.
Monthly validation of one offsite backup.
Quarterly application of the Oracle Consolidatied update patch. Root Cause analysis of outages.
In addition, each of our clients receives a priority assignment and receives a response within a pre agreed window.