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Remote Support Decisions
Every business faces the questions of whether to grow it’s IT group to support a growing infrastructure.
We know the issues involved, and strive to enable our clients to reach the right decision for the client.
OraSolve Consulting believes there is no one size fits all solution for the company looking to outsource it’s IT requirements. However, we do have the hands on experience to help our clients make the right decision for themselves.
OraSolve Consulting offers a tiered approach to the standard outsourcing models. Our standard packages involve the automation of most database monitoring tasks. This enables your IT dollars to be spent on items of more strategic importance, rather than mundane system validations.
Whether you are looking for a complete outsource solution, or simple routine maintenance, OraSolve can customize a maintenance plan for your company.
All of our plans consist of a customized combination of proprietary scripts and customer licensed Enterprise Manager jobs to ensure the availability and system uptime needed by our clients.