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We at OraSolve Consulting look at ourselves as a different type of consulting firm.  We believe that by ensuring our clients success, we ensure our own. Our mission is to ensure the success of the client project. Period. The sole reason for any consulting firm is the continued success of the client. This can only be done by ensuring that we assign only qualified resources to a client project. Then ensuring the resource completes the assignment to clients’ satisfaction. We understand the frustrations of the employee left behind to support a consulting designed implementation. We guarantee that documentation of all procedures, and design steps will be presented. Documentation in a readable format will be turned over. A free follow up within 60 days, because nobody can remember all the questions at turnover time.
We understand that most clients have heard the same song and dance many times from many sources. We are committed to proving ourselves to each and every client. Our business model is to complete the work assigned to the clients satisfaction. Period. We at OraSolve Consulting have a different take on the consulting life cycle. Watching the interaction of consultants and employers, we believe we have  a better method for both the client and ourselves.